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5 years ago

Apparently 5 years ago, this was the day myself and my OH became friends on facebook. I find it a little strange cause I thought we had been friends for ages. Especially cause we have known each other 20 odd … Continue reading

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bloody child

For the last week, my son has been getting up at 5.30, going down the stairs and……. 1. gotten into the freezer to eat ice cream for breakfast 2. pulled a chair to the fridge, so he could stand on … Continue reading

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Its ok

I didnt want to use my laptop

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*Sings badly* Never going to give me up*

Today my partner had a day off, we have been going through a rough patch. We both find my mental health plus toddler pluse dog plus 2 cats exhausting and at times, we forget about spending time together and working … Continue reading

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I am not sure what is wrong with me at the moment, but the way I can describe it is lonely, I don’t feel as if I can talk to people about what is going on in my head. I … Continue reading

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heartbroken again

Everytime my period turns up its like someone has ripped my heart out and then kicked me in the stomach and maybe stomped on me again. Everytime it happens I go downhill so quickly I might as well be on … Continue reading

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Feardom Fighters

Originally posted on BY LAUREN HAYLEY:
Yesterday I met up with someone who is doing something pretty awesome for us anxiety sufferers in Leeds after having suffered with anxiety herself; and so I wanted to share with you all Kathryn’s project –…

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I am going through one of those phases where I have so many ideas in my head on what to write that I cant then decide what to write about. I mean do I chat about the stigma of mental … Continue reading

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My darling little boy has reached that lovely stage of childhood, where he says exactly what comes into his head. For example mummy why is that man in a mobility scooter. Mummy why is those ladies laughing. mummy why is … Continue reading

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Should MP’s be allowed to sit on the fence?

I did a bit of fact finding today, with regards to the welfare bill, yesterday, the bill was debated in parliment and votes were cast. Out of 650 MP’s  124 say no they thought it was a shocking idea 308 … Continue reading

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