*Reblog* The glam slide….

Another amazing rhyme that makes me think, is she following me round 😉

Rhyming with Wine...

We’re all on our hols!

“Let’s all swim!” The kids cheer.

I frantically dig out some dusty swim gear…

We’re there, a bit flustered, but head for the pool.

I suck in my stomach and try to act cool.

The kid’s gallop off in an unruly flock,

As I pause…

And peer down at my body in shock…

My legs are resembling those of a yeti.

My costume appears to be hosting spaghetti?

My toes are unpainted, my nails need a trim.

Like those of a “hobbit” but slightly more grim.

The truth is apparent.

It can’t be denied.

I’ve simply allowed my glam standards to slide!

Where my holiday prep was once fake tan and wax,

I now think I’m prepped if I’m carrying snacks!

I used to take time and indulge in self pride?

My glam former self has apparently died?

I stop to consider my make up…

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3 Responses to *Reblog* The glam slide….

  1. Thank you for sharing lovely! X

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