*Reblog* Let’s Get Together For Brunch…You Are Invited.

Party, come join, Jacqueline throws a great party 🙂

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Oh this is fun

And I want a bun

It’s time for lunch

Or better still let’s have a brunch

A kettle of Cardamon tea

And a slice of vanilla cake

A sip of rich coffee

And that bite of apple pie

There might be a carafe of table wine

With lots of grapes so divine

I think I spy some Easter bunnies

Please do hand me the honey

A medley of this and that

It will be a lively chat.

This is an invitation to a Pre-EASTER Brunch, taking place this weekend in this abode from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th.

Come let’s dance into Spring with a spring in our steps.

Do keep a date and you’ll be glad you came.

I set a day reminder at the top corner of the right bar.

It will be good to have you here.

”Share as much as you…

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2 Responses to *Reblog* Let’s Get Together For Brunch…You Are Invited.

  1. Thanks for the reblog my dear 🙂

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