*Reblog* Want a little action?

Cyranny has done a post, introducing a few of her blogging friends (I maybe mentioned) if you are not already following her or some of the bloggers she mentioned pop on over and say hello.

Cyranny's Cove

I long told myself that I would never, ever be pretentious enough to give new bloggers advices, or worse, be pompous to the point I would feel like I can help established bloggers…

You thought I was about to say that I changed my mind, right? Mouahahahahahaah Nope! I am in no position to tell anybody what to do in order to have a successful blog. I am not even sure what “having a successful blog” means yet.

But I think I know how to have fun blogging, and in that regard, I feel very comfortable giving out some of my tricks. It’s free, and the worst that could happen would be you not having fun too, right? No big risk there.

No doubt you’ll all agree that “likes” are pleasant. But most bloggers will appreciate more feedback, in the form of comments. I don’t comment all the posts I…

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