Where in the World: Oceania Part 2

I think we can get through this one fairly quickly, normally when I try and remember this I try and remember the post about the country I did the first time round and the countries round it.

The problem is Oceania is mainly islands, so no land boarders. There are 14 countries and last time I

  1. Australia, 2. New Zealand 3. Tonga 4. Kiribtai 5. Fiji 6. Solomon islands 7. Samoa 8. Paupa New Guinie 9.Naru? 10. Marshell Islands

I think that is where I am going to have to leave it, mainly because I keep trying to type Chrismas Island and I know from last time that is not a country.

1.Micronesia 2.Paula 3. Tuvalu 4. Vanuatu that is 1 more than I did last time, so its an improvement, now to try and place them

  1. Australia 8. Kiribati
  2. New Zealand 9. Fiji
  3. Payupa New Guinia 10.
  4. Naru 11.Solomon Islands
  5. NA 12.
  6. Marshel Island 13. Tonga
  7. NA 14, Samoa

Lets see how I did

I placed Naru, Fiji and The Solomon Islands wrong, but I did place 7 completely right, which trust me is as big of a surprise to me as I think it will be to everyone else.

Next week is Northern America

If you want to see the rest of this series, you can click here

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2 Responses to Where in the World: Oceania Part 2

  1. Carol anne says:

    woohoo! good job getting 7 of them right! Way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

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