Where in the World: Vatican City

I bet this is a country which everyone knows, but don’t know a lot about. Lets learn something

  1. The Vatican city is the smallest country in the world, yes it really is about as big as it is in the map
  2. If you live in the Vatican you don’t pay tax
  3. Their army is the Swiss Guard, which is entirely comprised of Swiss Citizens and are highly trained
  4. The population is 600, only 232 people actually live inside the walls, meaning the majority of the population live abroad
  5. It owns a telescope in Arizonia
  6. The ATM in the Vatican City is in Latin
  7. It has its own football team
  8. It drinks more wine than anywhere else in the world. I would love to be at one of their parties
  9. The whole country is UNESCO world heritage site
  10. I couldn’t find any traditional music, so here in the national athem

Hope you enjoyed learning something about this country

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8 Responses to Where in the World: Vatican City

  1. Interesting, I did not know any of this.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I learned a lot! I knew nothing about this country!

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  3. believe it or don’t I’d never once heard their national anthem until now, which, for me , is so a surpriise.~

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