Spring Cleaning time

I am starting on my spring cleaning again, I may even get my arse in gear to finish off the lego, which I have been banging on about for at least 2 years. I am not making any New Years Resolution, just to keep focusing on getting mentally well, to at least be able to get a job, so I am not sitting in my flat anymore.

But I really want to get Monkey’s room done again, as it is turning into the usual pit of lego and while I am not fussed about him having the odd bit of lego, swimming through it to open curtains is a step too far for me.

I can’t decide whether to try and do it on New Year’s weekend, when I have both Monkey and my partner, so while I help Monkey with his room, my partner can work on our room.

I think I probably will, but I will let New Year out of the way before, I let them know. I am nice like that

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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning time

  1. Hi Trina, perhaps we can make a sort of sorting legos pledge together. I’m in a rut and Eagle’s finished playing with them for good. Could it be I don’t want them to grow up?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Break the news gently to them hahahaha!

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