Sorry What happened?

For those who might have missed the odd post here and there is was Eurovision at the weekend, in simple terms its a singing compeitions.

The UK is lucky if he gets a point, there are many many reasons we use to blame this, but basically we put in shit, no disrespect to the singers or the songwriters, but it is often shit and we take the piss compared to other countries that take it seriously.

This year, we had a guy I had never heard of, although to be honest, unless they were performing when Queen was, this doesnt mean much.

I got together with some friends around the internet and we all watched it, this was amusing for a few reasons, a couple of them were in different countries, so not getting the same commentary and also we were all watching at different times. There was a minute maybe 2 between the first person to the last person.

But and here is the big thing, we came in second. The UK actually got points and alot of them.

Ukraine was always going to win, apart from the sympathy vote, which the public was always going to give them, it was a pretty decent song as well. Not as good as Norways and Norway was robbed.

But the UK being second could actually mean other things, normally the winner hosts, now while I love the optimism of the Ukraine people, the band itself and the President, I am not sure even if they win this war tomorrow, they are going to go. You know what the first thing we need to do is build a stadium to host Eurovision.

Although if Putin does something to fuck Eurovision over, he is going to have to deal with the hardcore fans and I would rather face a hoarde of zombies than that lot.

Its a big possibility the UK might host, having come second and being one of the big five (country who gives a lot of money to this) I might be able to go live, that will be exciting

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4 Responses to Sorry What happened?

  1. Carol anne says:

    I did not watch it, I flipped over to it a few times but I didnt actually watch it!

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  2. I watched for the first time in years, encouraged by the positivity of our song. I enjoyed quite a few of the songs, the voting was quite exciting and I’m happy with the result. Yes it could be us hosting next year; perhaps we could do a joint show with our Ukrainian friends.

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