Bad mood

I woke up Monday morning in a bad mood, no real reason for it, just a bad mood.

Normally I cheer up after a while, but not this time. Things seem to keep coming to put me in a bad mood.

On Monday, everyone seemed to need me about 5 minutes before I left for home at work, ending up I didnt leave for about 20 minutes after my shift had finished

On Tuesday I came home and my MP was on the TV, that always puts me in a bad mood, whenever I see him, also pokemon wasnt working and I got a letter saying a company had had a data breach and they had nicked my personal details

Maybe Wednesday will put me a better mood

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4 Responses to Bad mood

  1. Simon says:

    That is shit to be fair – I hope Wednesday was better

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I hope your week got better! Xo

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