While I am ranting

As I was looking up stuff for my last post. I cam across this article

Schoolboy Seduced By Teaching Assistant Speaks Out On This Morning

Which only served to infurate me more but now about a completely different subject. I certainly wasn’t that aware a few years ago about this sort of reporting but it is disgusting and sexist. Not to mention how the law treats them

Lets start with the title. And particularly the word seduced, the boy at the time was 15, he was a child, under the legal age of consent in the UK, he was groomed not seduced.

The photos of the teacher is, in my opinion, is inappropriate

And for the butt of the joke she pled guilty to two counts of sexual activity with a child – and a further charge of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust, and was handed a two year sentence, suspended for two years

Now if you are wondering why I am spitting blood, its because have you ever seen this type of reporting when it has been a male teacher, there is no way in a moment would a newspaper lead with a headline, Schoolgirl seduced by teaching assistant. The photos would be ones where they are looking like a complete pervert or leaving the court.

And as for the sentance, they would of gotten jail time and be placed on the sexual offenders register. As it is this predator in two years time, could change her name, move to a different part of the country and be in schools again.

Bloody disgrace

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4 Responses to While I am ranting

  1. Patricia says:

    O.K. I agree that the teaching assistant was out of line but I also throw the BS flag on his being “damaged”. Maybe the publicity has affected his life but he was riding high when he was having sex with her. He knew that what he was doing was wrong but he was getting candy from the candy store. She didn’t rape him. I am not defending her, I am saying that he was old enough to say no and I doubt that she would have forced him. Why was he at her apartment to begin with? She doesn’t seem to be that much older. His poor pitiful me act and yes I see it as an act is annoying. I know my opinion will not be a popular one . I agree that this is an example of “jumping on the band wagon” not responsible journalism. I think the teachers that do this kind of thing are too young to be teaching teens, they should be teaching elementary. It’s like dangling a carrot. Their hormones are raging as are the hormones of the teens and they are fairly close in age. My daughter hung out with her sister, her sister’s boyfriend and his friend. Then the friend became a teacher at her school. He tried to get into a relationship before and after he taught at her school. She wasn’t interested but it still concerned me, however, he met her in a social situation first. So, how do we measure that situation? I was not happy about it but she handled it herself. Just my opinion.

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    • An interesting point of view, would you say the same had it been a male teacher and a female student?

      I think the problem is because she is in an position of authority with boys who probably need to tuck their tongue back into their mouth, then the sentence she got should of been harsher to reflect that. I do agree that maybe when you are first starting out in teaching and are younger than maybe teach younger children, to stop these sort of things from happening, but then I am not sure if at some point while you are studying you have to make a choice of what age you want to teach

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  2. The double standard in these cases infuriates me to no end. If this were a girl of 15 people would be calling for the teacher’s head on a platter. It’s so easy to say the boy had it made or that he was enjoying the relationship so he’s not adversely affected by what happened, but that is so not true. His view of relationships and how he will act/behave in future relationships is surely affected if not outright damaged. His emotional compass is possibly very negatively affected and that very well may have broad-reaching results. He is no more grown up emotionally than a 15 year old girl would be and will likely suffer the same consequences as time goes on. It’s past time that we treat these female perpetrators the same way we do the males.

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