Now that is what I call a break

Been off my game again and it had fuck all to do with depression (two and a half weeks with bugger all is a victory)

I will go into more details in some later posts, but basically I am blaming the Olympics and lack of sleep, because of the Olympics. Someone forgot to tell Rio I would be watching and could they move the games forward by about 6 hours so I wouldn’t have to stay up till 4am watching it all.

But what a games for GB, go us and all of the other countries came and kicked arse (Japan in the 4 by 400m in just one example.)

Bolt what an amazing runner, doing the triple triple and our very own Mo doing the double double.

The Brazilian pole volter, and these are just some of the memories, of course in a lot we came so damn close it was frustrating and I think GB is going to be sore for a while about getting disqualified over the 4 by 400m.

Apparently, so I have learnt, there are people who don’t watch the Olympics. And if you are one of them none of this makes sense.

Along with this, I had a cross stitch was behind schedule that I wanted to get done, so that took a large amount of my time as well, and the small child is still at home, he has invented lots of new games, with rules I don’t understand but were fun to play.

I got behind and something needed to give. I have also cleaned up my links and had to remove blogs that are no longer being published, which took longer than I thought. Plus some other bits and pieces around my blog.

But what an Olympics and now a few weeks rest before the Paraolympics.

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