Being on the Tory slide

With all the political unrest in Great Britain I have been trying to think how to explain, why I don’t think the Tory party is any good for the UK, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the Labour Party either.

However being under the Tory party is like being on a slide.

Imagine a slide is flat, one end attached to the ground and the other end is attached to a massive crane, as the crane starts to lift the slide, people start sliding down. Those at the bottom are the poorest, they have the least to slide because they know the shit storm that is coming. The problem starts when those closest to the top, those that voted for the Tory party, who believed in what they are saying starts to fall, they have the longest and steepest way to fall.

That ladies and gentlemen is being under the Tory party and to be fair probably the Labour party as well, possibly the Lib Dems, definitly UKIP and I am going to put the Greens in there as well.

But I dislike the Tory party more at the moment.


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2 Responses to Being on the Tory slide

  1. itsathought2 says:

    I not a UK citizen, but I follow a woman on twitter who summed up her similar frustration by saying. she just wants a quietly competent government. She’s tired of thinking and worrying about them all the time. And I could agree more. I think the entire world would like that in governments.

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    • Thats exactly it, I think our problems is the government in at the moment, seems organised but are screwing over the poor, disabled and the working class. The opposition is unorgansied as hell, but would champion the poor, the disabled and the working class but by screwing over the rich. No one is going to win, however being the poor I would rather not being ground down any further

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