Lets Experiement

With doing the move, one of the things we are doing is making sure we are using everything out of the cupboard, fridge and freezer. This is probably going to make our shopping more expensive this month, but I don’t want to do a shop and then start wasting the food.

It does mean we are going to have some interesting combinations this month, as I try and get rid of the stuff we have. I am also aware however, it means we are going to struggle when we eventually get a place because we will have to start all over. Hopefully though I will get PIP and we can use some of that money to buy everything we need.

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24 Responses to Lets Experiement

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Great idea to raid the pantry! We did that before our last move and were surprised how many meals we made and the money we saved using what we had.

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  2. s.e. taylor says:

    When I procrastinate on shopping I end up eating some strange combinations. It forces me to use up what I have and ends up saving me grocery money.

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  3. lynn k scott says:

    I do this frequently. I try to use what’s in the freezer before any new purchases. If there is a great deal on something, I will purchase it for later use. I try to always keep staples though in order to build dishes around those.

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  4. ruthsoaper says:

    If you come up with any exiting new recipes please share. I really need to get better about cooking with herbs – especially since I grow a lot of them.

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