I don’t think I have explained why this PIP tribunal is so important to me, so I am going to try and do it now. PIP is a disability benefit It is different from every other benefit.

In the UK we have a few different benefits, all which change names on various basis. So I am going to try

Child tax credits, this is when you have a child but don’t earn above a certain amount

Working tax credits, this is when you are in employment normally a minimum amount of 16 hours a week, in the UK we are subjected to zero hours contract, which means a company can hire you but not give you any hours, so making this useless

ESA is a type of disability benefit  there are two types support and work group, the work group is there to prepare you for work, the support group is there to support you through your disability

Housing benefit this is exactly what it says on the tin. It is there to help you with rent, if you have a mortgage you can’t get this. I got a friend to read this over and she thinks you can get housing benefit if you do have a mortgage, I think she is wrong on this one, (I have amendeded this post a few times on her advice)

Then you have other things such as council tax relief., Council tax is a local government charge that everyone has to pay but if you have PIP it is drastically reduced.

social housing, anyone can apply for this, but depending on how desperate you are will depend whether you get it, so a millionaire can apply for it, be placed on the housing list but will always be considered low prority so will probably never get it. In our area, its based on points, nearly everyone gets points as long as they have lived here for 3 years

My situation is that when I lost PIP my council tax went up by over fifteen hundred pounds, that is how much of a difference PIP makes, along with that my housing benefit went down and also my child tax credits.

The council have to house me due to having a child under 16, but because of the council tax arrears they don’t have to house me permentaly.

With me so far?

Why PIP is so important, is if I get it back then my council tax arrears disappear, I get more money from the other benefits plus get PIP which is around two hundred pounds every four weeks and the council have to house me, which is why I have so much emphise of this benefit, why I have fought for it, but apart from that, its something that I am entitled to, today has proved that, I have not been able to get out of bed, nor dress myself, hygiene went down the drain and to be honest if I hadn’t needed the toilet, I probably would not of left the bed for close to 19 hours, with PIP its not about your diagnoises its about what you can and cant do for the majority of days. Yes I am getting better and I know I am going through a stressful time but its the way I deal with it, some people with mental health problems might be able to get through it, but I can’t and that is why I should get  it


Edited to say my friend is probably right about housing benefit. Cow

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2 Responses to Explaination

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Horribly complicated system. Do they do that to keep qualified people from applying?

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