And back to lockdown again

England has been put into total lockdown again, the announcement was due at 4pm on Saturday, this is after it had been leaked to everyone, on twitter.

Turns out the Rugby was on, so the announcement was over 2 hours late. I am sure that is a coincidence rather than Johnson wanted to watch the end. I am not sure why he bothered, because he was so late, the BBC had done most of the job for him.

The rules from what I gathered, only go out unless it essential, seems easy so far. However

You can out if you are going to school

If you can’t work from home

To go visit Auntie Mable in the Care Home


You can meet up with one other person from another household, but only one at a time.

This basically means my bubble stays the same. Technically is has gotten smaller as my partner lost his job, so we have taken the risk out, however we still have the biggest risk that our son is going to be at school socialising with his year group and his eldest, will still be at school socialising at his school and his eldest will go between the two households.

Now that is a bloody big bubble. You either need to do a proper lockdown or no lockdown, all this is going to do is make people why bother.

Will we follow the rules, of course we will. But they are stupid bloody rules.

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8 Responses to And back to lockdown again

  1. Cyranny says:

    Oh my…. This sucks :/

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  2. Yup, close the schools Boris you idiot……

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  3. Carol anne says:

    We are also in lockdown, similar rules here, this is our second week of a six week lockdown, ug sigh!

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