We don’t learn

England is opening up again and this includes foreign holidays, we have a list which is a traffic light list, green countries we can come and go, Amber you have to quarentine and red you can’t go to.

To give you an idea of our green list Australia and New Zealand are on it, fantastic, we can fly there and then fly back again when they tell us to bugger off, from what I can gather the only country on this list that will let us in and out again without quarentining is Portgual.

The problem I have, is we did this last year, exactly this, and then we spent October till March in a bloody lockdown.

Now we are this new varient to contend with, the government keeps saying that in Bolton, the 19 people who are in hospital had been invited for the jab but hadn’t had it. However, having checked this 1 person had, had their second dose 6 of them had had their first jab at least 2 were not eligable for the damn thing yet.

The government seem to be gearing up to blame the public again and this whole travel thing goes to prove it in my eyes. You know alot of countries went on our red list before India did, I believe India only ended up because of the amount of pressure the government was under.

Either way, we are an island, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion about travelling, it should be why are we still so obsessed with going on holiday to other places.

There are places in the UK who have been without tourists for 14 months now, crying out for people, bugger off there for a couple of days. I get people love to travelling but at the moment, all I am looking at is another few months in lockdown, which tbh I won’t be doing, and I will be getting Monkey into school rather than homeschooling, by any means necessary, I will no longer keep damaging him to cover up for the governments incompetence and trying to look popular.

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2 Responses to We don’t learn

  1. Carol anne says:

    its ridiculous. People can go on holidays any time, why is there such a rush on that?

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