Its all about the Olympics

Thats it really, I love the Olympics, I think its great, I love hearing about the stories of how the atheletes got there, I love watching the different sports.

As I type this I have just finished watching the women’s triathalon and have gone back to watch the men’s mountain biking, as I missed it the day before, well what actually happened, was that I went to watch it, but due to having very little sleep since Friday I fell asleep, before it even started, on the plus side got some sleep, which should keep me going for another couple of days, till my body gives up again.

Also another silving lining, my partner’s job came to an end, this is very shitty, but it does mean he is at home and can look after Monkey while I catch a few hours every so often.

However Monkey is really getting into the Olympics as well, not sure what the neighbours think when they can hear he him yelling, just kick her in the head, when we were watching the Taekwondo, that was an exciting match, all of them have been, he doesn’t seem to enjoy the rowing, but nearly everything else he has given a go, I am really only trying him on the medal events when we have someone in them,

That has been my weekend and the start of my week, it will also probably be the next two weeks, so if you want me I will be sitting watching the olympics

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2 Responses to Its all about the Olympics

  1. Carol anne says:

    glad you got some sleep finally! I got a great nights sleep last night! ❤

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