Distract, distract, distract

I know, tht a few of you will raise your eyebrows, when I say I am fairly sure the government is trying to distract us from something with news of their parties.

Let me introduce you to the new immigration bill that has gone through, there are lots of points, which are very dull and boring in it, but I would say the important thing in it, is if you are suspected of terroism, you can have your nationality taken away without notice, if there is a chance you have dual nationality or a chance to have another nationality. This means that if you leave the country you will not be allowed in, if they think you are a terrorist.

I know what you are thinking, what the hell is the problem with this, follow the law, you wont be considered a terrorist, you can go on your jollies no problem.

Let me introduce you to the new policing bill that is going through, this was a joy, this allows the police to have more powers, about stopping protests,if for example they think its too loud. It allows the government to decide that if you are protesting, than you might be a terrorist.

We have an environmental group recentally protesting alot, the message was right, the way they went about it was very wrong, that group is now considered a terrorist group.

This means, there is a potential for Monkey to protest against the government, then pop to Ibiza for a stag do, not be allowed back into the country he was born and raised in and sent to a country that so far he has never been to and doesn’t speak the language of.

What happens if a mistake is made? How do you fight that, with no way of getting a job, nowhere to live, one or the other bills are actually bad, but put them together and they are terrifying.

I would start checking out where your grandparents or parents were born to see if this affects you. Because it has the ability to affect alot of people in the UK, most being black and minorities and if you don’t think its too bad, can I direct you to this governments handling of Windrush and how well that has gone.

And if you have nothing about either of these bills, its probably because there was news of a shit ton of parties going on last year in the government

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8 Responses to Distract, distract, distract

  1. Carol anne says:

    wow! What kinda shit is this now they’re coming up with? The UK government have their heads up their asses!

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  2. Can’t speak for the U.K., since I’m American, but the Attorney General of the United States has already branded me a domestic terrorist. Why? Because I’m one of those irksome citizens who shows up at school board meetings to protest (peacefully!) what I consider to be misguided policies. I’m an old lady who has never once in my life been in trouble with the law. If I can get slapped with the terrorist label, anyone can.

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  3. Thanks for sifting through the news to see what is slipping by…

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  4. biglittleus says:

    I have no faith in our government what so ever. This does nit surprise me in the slightest. They just do whatever they like

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