Its all going down the toilet

I think part of my lack of motivation is the fact that the news is just bad, even if I just stick with the UK, we have a dangerous man ruling us, who insists that we are all bored of hearing how many times he has fucked up.

Fine, I will go with that, then could he tell us what he has done well? What has been a success? Brexit? Covid? the manefesto he got elected on? The hospitals he promised he would help me, the levelling up he has done?

The only thing this guy is going to be remembered for, is getting us out of the EU, breaking up the UK, getting rid of the monachy and Ireland being reunited.

Whoop whoop.

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2 Responses to Its all going down the toilet

  1. Carol anne says:

    well I have to say, your spot on! He’s a real jerk!

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