The Job Search Starts

I have done my CV, well I say I have done it, I sent it to my sister who jazzed it up, brilliantly, made it look professional.

I started yesterday job hunting, the thing that no one explained to me, is when you start applying for jobs, you get phonecalls, I am still not quite there with answering a phone on a day that is not Friday.

So the first phonecall happened and I sat there and looked at it. This has not been helped by the fact I have a shit ton of scam phonecalls coming through at the moment.

Then I had a second call, this is apparently very good, although I am not sure for who, my anxiety kept spiking each time.

But I did apply for jobs, so I really need to get over not answering the phone. I think the problem is going to be the hours I want and the fact I still dont really want to leave my flat, but I can figure all that out later.

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5 Responses to The Job Search Starts

  1. Carol anne says:

    good luck with the search for a new job, trina! 🙂

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