Another day, another interview?

I had another interview today, I accepted it before I accepted getting a job, so I thought I would go for it, incase it was a better fit.

The thing I have noticed when doing this, is that when people say they are being honest in the interview, I do tend to wonder what they might be hiding.

But as it stands, I have done 6 interviews 2 rejects, 1 accepted, 1 never got back to me (and its been a week now) and 2 who I am still waiting to hear from, but wont get back to me till next week.

I have managed to sort out the childcare issue, with Monkey, which is a great relief. I just need to get some clothes and I think I am ready to start.

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16 Responses to Another day, another interview?

  1. I’ve found that when bosses and administrators say “we go by the book” around here it means “THEIR” manipulation and modifications to be congruent with their command and protocols. Actually going by the book in a pure sense is good for everyone. Everyone knows their responsibilities with the book’s clear delineation of the job.

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  2. Simon says:

    I always wonder about people who say ‘to be honest’
    It sounds like you’re getting the ususal mix of responsiveness from companies.

    Sounds like you’re nearly ready…

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  3. Congratulations on coming to the end of this process. You’re amazing.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Excellent! So glad you got a job! Interviews are hard work! ❤

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  5. Carol anne says:

    I think my comments are going into spam? fuck! I hate wordpress sometimes!

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  6. Carol anne says:

    congrats on getting a job! 😀 well done!!

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  7. Congrats on getting a job!!! FYI in my experience, one week isn’t that long for not getting a response…it could be one of those companies that really does try to involve all parties, which is time-consuming, but maybe a good sign of a good company that respects its employees. if it’s a job you really like more than the others, don’t forget to let them know about your interest before you commit to the first one that accepts you!

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    • I have to agree with you thats its not that long, but in each case, they have been the one to let me know when they will let me know, if they had said, its going to be 10 days, then its fine, its the fact they gave me a deadline and then dont follow it themselves


  8. Ha. Generally a bad sign! :^)

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