Well that has floored me (also a shameless plug)

I had the crazy people (behavioural therapist) round for my dog. My dog Max, is adorable, but excitable but after being attacked 6/7 times he is unsociable with dogs and now humans.

Her advice was to rehome him if the behavioual therapy didn’t work. This floored me, I always expected to keep Max till we were old and grey. But with an excitable two year old in the house, she was not confident.

I spent yesterday curled up with him feeling sorry for ourselves and today we have started. I have hope that he can rehabiliated and its not too late.

However still feeling down this morning and my get up and go having got up and gone. I thought what can I do to waste some time.

So I made a facebook page for my blog. So I am sharing it here, if people want to like the page, comment, share it then please feel free to.


I am doing this for three reasons 1. I want to share it so people know they are not alone. 2. I am getting a little bit too obssessed with my stats page on wordpress, so I am hoping for a distraction and 3. M loves a good shameless plug

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4 Responses to Well that has floored me (also a shameless plug)

  1. M says:

    I do love a shameless plug 😉


  2. catmndu says:

    I hope this “behaviorist” understands that rehoming him does nothing BUT change his geography and it’s a cop out plain and simple. And it’s his/her way of insulting you by saying they have very little if less faith in your commitment to your dog and being in it to win it. The advice on training from anyone only works if the owner commits the time and energy to assuring that it works. There are very rare cases where a dog is just wired wrong and there’s nothing to do except end their suffering.


    • I believe her advice to rehome is very simply based on the fact that max is so anxious now, it could be a matter of time before he bites my two year old.

      However we are taking steps to make sure this doesn’t/can’t happen and we will continue to work with max to make sure he is less anxious. I see rehoming as the very last step. I got a dog, we have had him since 12 weeks, I am prepared to do everything to keep him within the house, but I do have to think of my son.


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