As promised

I talked about  here about the Tory Party Conference and promised I would come back to what I think about this whole grandparents sharing maternity leave.

George Osborne announced plans to have working grandparents to help care for their grandchildren. Basically the plan is that the 50 weeks of maternity leave will cover parents as well as grandparents, there is no extension on what parents get at the moment.

The main people it is meant to help is single parents who rely on their parents for childcare. To be fair this whole plan was thought up by the labour, and while I kind of get it, I personally think the government would be better of doing other things to support the family unit and getting people into work.

You could look at this a whole different way, which is the grandparents maybe not working out of choice, but due to cuts and living expenses are being forced back into the workplace.

Maybe the government should be trying to sort out the father’s paternity leave before adding more to this equation

Deadbeat parents, and its not just Dad’s, Mums as well can be deadbeat. Now this is slightly more complicated because firstly, maintance and contact are two seperate things and should not be lumped together. If someone doesn’t want for what ever reason to see their child, they should still be forced to pay for that child. That child did not ask to be born, but still should be able to have the basics provided for by both parents. There shouldn’t be the type of loopholes there are at the moment, especially for self employed people, who can regularly lie about their income. And as for the deadbeats who get a job, pay maintaince for five seconds then quit again, thus getting them out of paying anymore than £5 is something else the government should look at.

The parents who use their child as a weapon and refuse to let the other parent see them, maybe this is something the government should be looking at.

Childcare is another big thing, when I was first pregnant we had a look at finances and if we stayed as we were, both in full time jobs, working 5 out of 7 days between 8am and 8pm, one of us would be looking at after taxes and childcare would be looking at earning £1.16 an hour, surely that would be a better exercise than including grandparents,

The other thing would be after the 50 weeks what would happen to the child then, has the government considered what happens then, if the grandparents and one parent was working, I certainly would prefer to lose the £1.16 an hour and take care of my child myself.

So while its not a terrible idea and I certainly can see where the idea has come from, I think they need to sort out other things before implimenting another idea which might not work

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