Not being able to do anything

With my mental health, my son sometimes misses out on doing things, for example he is desperate to go to Disney World, lets ignore the cost for a minute (if anyone has a spare 15K that would be great) but the thought of getting there, the crowds, the waiting just fillls me with dread. Its unlikely we will be able to go, certainly in the next 5 years. However it is a dream we can work towards.


The reason I mention this, is because the things I can do, I try and do a lot for my son, if there is a club he wants to join, we try and find a way to budget for it, if there is a sport he wants to give a go I try and find tasters.

His latest passion is lego (which is bloody expensive) but we try and do what we can, and he is good, he takes things apart and builds them back up, he builds things with the bricks he has, at some point I will put photos up of his models, he is damn good.

He loves school, he enjoys learning, he is like a sponge, he soaks it up, he asks questions, he learns. He loves playing with his friends, he just loves the whole experience and no matter what I am determined to keep that going.

Which is why, yesterday when he told me a boy had punched him in the stomach, I was steaming, I had already had problems with this same boy calling him names and saying mean things. I had spoken to the teacher, and made sure that they were seperated, so today I went into the school to have a conversation with the teacher about my son being physically harmed. I took my partner so I could have a frank conversation without being distracted. As I am talking to the teacher, I could see my son chatting happily to his daddy, yet my partners body language showed he was getting angry. So I asked the teacher if anything had happened today that I should know about. She faltered and said well there was an incident but it was dealt with and we will be having a conversation with the parents.

This incident is the child slapping my son round the face. It took a lot for me to get my partner out the school, without him having a word with the parents.

We have had problems with this child in reception, but never physically, he would say mean things to my son, so we armed my son with phrases, to repeat back if anything mean was said, or just tell him to ignore this child and walk away.

My child doesn’t react back, when he is hit, and I love him alot, but he can be a bit of a pushover. He is just very easy going and I don’t want to change that about him. I don’t want to toughen him up, I want him to learn other ways of stopping this.

If I was an outsider, I might even feel for the other parents, they are being told their son is physically harming another child and nothing they are doing is stopping it. Of course, for all I know they don’t give a shit and are not doing anything to try and stop this.

I have given the school till Wednesday to implement whatever they need to safeguard my child, before I take things into my hands.

I might have a mental illness but if you hurt my child, God help you.

I write this because I want the other parents to know, that if a teacher is telling you your child is hurting another child. This is not children misbehaving, this is not your child being high jinx, or whatever excuse you want to give yourself. I am writing this because your child is hurting another child, your child is taking the fun aspect of school away from another child.

My child’s main problem should be whether he is colouring within the lines and whether that fart he just did is worth laughing at. Not whether this is the day your child is going to hurt him.

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14 Responses to Not being able to do anything

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Verbal bullying is bad enough, but physical bullying takes it to a whole new level. The school needs to deal with it pronto. It is up to them to stop it if it is going on there.

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  2. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Oh my goodness my heart was in my mouth reading this. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. These are our babies and they deserve to go to school and feel safe. No other child has the right to hurt them and it makes me feel sick to know that this is happening in schools. Children will be children and all that, but there is a line, and physical violence needs a zero tolerance approach in my opinion. Lots of love to you and your little man. Dawn x

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  3. Mrs Lighty says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re all going through this! I hope it stops soon, for all of your sakes, and I hope your son is ok. Thank you for linking this up to #DreamTeam.

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  4. This is exactly why I’m dreading my daughter starting school. If she came home upset because she had been physically harmed in any way (accidently or otherwise) I would probably just cry with her and not want to send her back to school ever again! I know it’s not the right attitude have but the thought of something happening and me not being there and not knowing if there was anyone there to help would be too much!
    I’m so sorry your son has to go through it, as well as you and your partner! #KCACOLS

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  5. Sorry visiting from #DreamTeam Linky!

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  7. agshap says:

    As someone who worked in a school (secretary) I had seen this over and over again. Bullying has reached an all time high and it must be stopped. Besides being separated (which is impossible sometimes, like in the cafeteria, etc) the next thing that would happen is placing one of the children in another class just to stop the bullying, but that doesnt solve the bigger problem – that child would bully another child. Parents must be the ones to stop it and I found that a lot of parents just dont care…..

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    • I do agree, however to give these parents their dues, that was the final incident, she even messaged me to apologise and tell me they were dealing with it. I am not sure what they were doing, but I do know they worked very closely with the school to make sure it didn’t happen again

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