Why I don’t clap

Every Thursday, people of the UK comes out and claps for the NHS, while I say people of the UK, its not everyone and over the last few weeks it has been getting less and less people.

I am sure its very nice for those people who do clap and they feel a sense of community and pride.

I on the other don’t do it and haven’t since it started and the main reason for that is I can spend the 2 minutes clapping, writing to my MP telling them to give our NHS workers a rise.

I live in a safe Tory seat and the Torys have systamically destroyed  our NHS, they have frozen payments for the staff for years now, its was about 5 or 6 years ago our doctors went on strike.

People seem to have forgotten this, our medical staff are poorly paid and work long hours for what they do and it feels hypocritical to stand there and clap knowing that my area has voted in a government who wants to destroy what is basically saving our lives.

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8 Responses to Why I don’t clap

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    You tell them, Trina!

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  2. Anna Dusseau says:

    This absolutely resonated with me. Thank you for this post. I haven’t managed to articulate why I don’t clap either, so thanks for doing this for me. NHS staff are heroes but I don’t feel good about waving them off to a potentially life-threatening shift then scurrying back to my safe bubble. It feels complex – uncomfortable – and your points about the destruction of the NHS are very valid.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I agree! It seems rather hypocritical! Glad you don’t or didn’t do it! xo

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