Come on I know you are watching

One of the reasons I want awol, is because of the Olympics, I could not keep up with watching the Olympics and the Paralympics, plus be a parent.

My main problem seemed to be, that I had forgotten Monkey has grown up, when the 2012 Olympics was on, it was on my timezone and more importantly Monkey was roughly 3 months old, so fairly easy to watch. With the Rio Olympics time zone was behind the UK, making it easier to stay up and Monkey was 4, so fairly easy to entertain for the few hours before he went to bed while it was on.

This year its in Japan, they are ahead of me timezone wise, meaning at midnight, is roughly when the next day’s sport is starting and also to keep him entertained involves use of the TV and the Xbox, meaning, I have to watch on a laptop.

However, I loved watching the Olympics and the Paralympics is also going really well, there have been so many heart wretching moments. If you haven’t seen it Ellie Robinson doing her after race interview made a lot in Britain cry. Johnny Peacocks race, I have no idea how they called that.

I have no idea how Japan have managed to do it tbh, just got to hope it doesn’t mean Covid is going to travel far and wide after this. Although when it ends the school goes back, so it might be tough to tell.

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4 Responses to Come on I know you are watching

  1. So sad, not watching. See my blog for why… 😦

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