I think I am going to crack

I like the heat, I enjoy it, but even this is getting a bit hot even for me, it takes nearly 3 litres of water to do the school run in the afternoon.

And I hate drining water, this does include every so often pouring water over Monkey’s head. Which he tells me to do, then complains when I do it.

There is only so cool I can keep him as well on the way home. A lot of it doesn’t have any shadow, fortunatly our flat is still keeping fairly cool at the moment, but the animals are feeling it.

Maybe the heat will crack before I do

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5 Responses to I think I am going to crack

  1. Simon says:

    Don’t crack!!! 😀

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  2. Carol anne says:

    it was miserable there for a bit! Its better now. Xx

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