Things I regret

I tend to find I don’t regret much, I find my mistakes as much as my successes have shaped me as a person, so I don’t tend to look into the past and thing wow I really regret that, it has taken me many years to get to this point.

This is different, I find to when I look back and due to my anxiety think that was such a silly thing to say and start to panic and that thought keep me up at night. That to me is not a regret but more my brain being a bitch.

However I have found a regret, if you have ever watch kids TV you might be aware of a tv programme called the octonaughts.

They have a thing called the octo alert, its a little song which is lovely. I found a free app that I could download on to my phone. Do you think its a lovely song?

No its a bloody siren, which my son loves. I mean really really loves.

*sobs quietly in a corner*

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2 Responses to Things I regret

  1. Delilah says:

    I still sing Dora.

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