Life will never be the same


Facebook went down a few weeks ago, so I went over to twitter, but it made me think, my son is never going to have the same privacy as I did when growing up, I grew up in a big family, most of the family was based in the London area, but we had my mum’s family in Scotland, my Dad’s extended family in Malta and we were based in the South east, so if my parents wanted to update any of my family, they would have to take photos. Go to the chemist to wait a week to get them processed and then write a letter (although when I was growing up we did have computers but they were just not that popular) go to the Post Office and get stamps and post the letter, hoping it would arrive in 3 days.  And that is assuming it was to someone in this country.

Now I want to update my friend in Australia (I am in the UK) or my partner’s cousin in Singapore. I snap a photo of my son on my phone and update facebook. I have “albums” on facebook of my son and due to the internet I am friends with people not just in the UK, but UAE (Hi E) Two of my closest friends are based up north. One in Yorkshire and one in Lancashire, which could be amusing now I think about it. I get to chat random shite to both of these friends on an hourly basis if I so desire.

My partner’s family are in Derby, so they can watch my son grow up, but I am careful, not just because of what could be the pedophiles on the internet. I don’t believe they find photos of random children, I think they do tend to target certain children and spend months building up “a relationship” but there could be a risk. So its always worth keeping in mind.

But what I post of my son, potential employers could find it. From what I have been reading employers now look at your tweets, facebook, instigram and all of that, whereas my employers had to trust my CV and an interview.

I am greatful for the internet, but it is making me more cautious of what I post on the internet with regards to my son

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8 Responses to Life will never be the same

  1. I agree, there was a time when parents never thought twice about letting a child do something as innocent as play outside. Now we have to protect them from too much on line access. I have a friend with a young daughter and she is always posting pictures and giving too much information. It scares me a lot. You are wise to be careful.

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    • It occured to me this morning, a friend of mine had posted the fact that her house was up for sale, with all the estate agency’s details and in a couple of posts later revealed she was off to Florida with her family. Leaving the house completely empty and everyone on facebook knowing about it

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  2. any1mark66 says:

    We give up privacy so easy then wonder what happens. I don’t use Facebook anymore. Too many people have had issues with their pictures and friends.

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  3. As always there are the pros and cons. All my albums on Facebook where I post my nephews pictures are friends only albums. And I’m careful to make sure those types of things are not public. It helps but of course is not completely foolproof.

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