Well it cheered me up

After living through my version of hell yesterday, I was scrolling through facebook and came across the news on our PM.

For those who are not sure, she is not popular. Although that is not because of her, its because she is still leading this country into Brexit, which 48% of the voting public think is bullshit. She didn’t start this Cameron did and then when he gambled and lost big time, he left the sinking shit like any decent rat.

Now Teresa May, is trying to lead a minority government (ok they have the DUP but that is bullshit) into a decision that is basically going to have us on the white cliffs of Dover, waving goodbye to the EU, yelling strong and stable as Britain burns to the ground behind us.

She gave a keynote speech today and it went badly, she was coughing all the way through and the icing on the cake, was a protester handing her a P45.

Well I was laughing my head off anyway

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24 Responses to Well it cheered me up

  1. Simon says:

    Ha! This is so well put. Shame the fuck wits in Whitehall can’t figure all this out. Apparently a sign collapsed behind her too.

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