The weekend

For those who were unaware, I had builders in this weekend, they were sorting out the heating. On Friday, myself, monkey, the dog and both cats stayed in the bedroom. Saturday monkey was too excited to stay in the room, the dog was too anxious to be let out, so I spent most the day between the two. Max was so upset.

Sunday turned out to be my nightmare. On Saturday they had to turn off the heating, so we didn’t have any heating at all, it was bloody freezing, on Sunday, the builders needed to do the work upstairs, which meant we had to take the dog out. When you are skint, have an excited 5 year old and a 3 year old anxious dog your choices are limited. We eventually went for a 5 hour walk, on the canals, through woods and on fields, we tried choosing places with playgrounds.

The problem is its Easter Sunday and everyone had the same idea. Keeping Max away from other dogs turned into a nightmare and we had the problem, that when the first one approached he was fine, the second one he started growling, the third it was barking. By the third, we had put his muzzle on, he is all bark, but I don’t want to find out if I am wrong.

He was very stressed, also by this point monkey was getting bored and cold, what we hoped was that the builders would of finished with one of the rooms, so we could put max in there with one of us, there was no point putting him in the lounge as the builders were going up and down. Also when he is anxious he just wants to curl up against one of us and hide his head, so we can’t put him in his cage, as the only person who can fit in there with him is Monkey and their are rules about locking your child in a cage.

It turned out the builders were also having a major shit day and had discovered some problems, that they were not aware of, to be fair to them, the only way they would of been aware of it, was if they came and had lifted up the floorboards when they were originally doing the check.

This meant we were a bit stuck, it ended up with one of us sitting in the car with him, while the other played with monkey and then switching back. My poor builders, who have given up their Easter Weekend to do this for us, are having to come back tomorrow to finish up, but thankfully, they worked damn hard to give us heating tonight.

I, however want to spend the next week curled up under a blanket and not moving, however that is unlikely as monkey is still off. My partner has next week off though, so hopefully I can have a day of hiding.

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10 Responses to The weekend

  1. Cyranny says:

    Here’s to at least one day of hiding!! xx

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  2. I’m glad the builders were happy to help, I’ve heard of situations where it can be quite the opposite! You’re almost at the end of this experience, I knew you could make it 😊

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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    Ag! that’s tough! I’m glad its all over and done now thank fuck xoxo

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