I don’t want to bang on about it, but I am going to

But shit Brexit is turning into the gift nightmare that doesn’t stop giving.

If you are not following this or even if you are, what I suspect is about to happen is that the Prime Minister is about to resign, I am guess Mogg is going to take over.

I make no secret, that I dislike the current Government, but I had a bit of respect for May, she took on a shit storm that was going to end her political career, maybe she thought she would be the new Thatcher, but this was never going to happen.

But Jacob Rees Mogg is like us getting Trump in. He doesn’t believe in abortions, gays, benefits.

He certainly doesn’t seem to like women, anyone in a same sex relationship, the poor, single parents, the disabled, the middle class or what looks like to be anyone else.

I don’t think they will call a general election, I don’t think anyone who becomes Prime Minister is going to take that risk, not after the last one, which is the reason May is in this mess in the first place.

I think the UK will implode from London upwards, I am certain it is going to take out Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and leave little Ol’ England on its own with no friends, apart from maybe Trump and considering what he had to say about the whole thing, I think that is doubtful


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5 Responses to I don’t want to bang on about it, but I am going to

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    I wonder if Brexit is actually going to go through? If it is that will be the end of my ordering things off of amazon as there is going to be taxes, a lot of them!

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