How does that work then?

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that our government is going through a bit of a problem, with sleaze and corruption going on all over the place.

One of the main things is with what money did the Prime Minister use to do up number 10. Now I decided to do some research here, and quite frankly I was surprised with what I found. Firstly he lives at number 11, not number 10 as the living area is bigger. However I am not sure what a couple with a small baby need with 4 bedrooms, especially as his other children seem to want little to do with him, but that is by the by.

Next thing I found out, even though, they don’t own where they live, they can redo it up, wallpapers, furniture the lot. Given that in the last few years the amount of Prime Ministers we have been through, this might be a rule we would want to change. Why? Because we, the tax payers get to give them £30,000 each time. You can buy a house in some areas for that.

Now, here is the problem, £30,000 wasn’t enough to kit out 11 Downing street. Which to be honest I find fucking amazing. Apparently over £200,000 to wallpaper and get new furniture, for the record. You can get a house in most areas for that.

That wallpaper better be made of gold for that. The problem, here is whether a Tory doner paid the extra £170,000 or whether Johnson did. This is basically become a cash for access issue. You pay for something, then you have the ear of the Prime Minister sort of thing. Now I can’t afford to do that, but there are people who wouldn’t blink at giving out that sort of money, as if they have the ear of the Prime Minister, they amount they could make in contracts, tax rebates, government loans is endless, so they will probably be able to make that money back in no time and given our Government’s track record of handing out contracts to their friends, this is more than likely going to happen.

While everyone is banging on about this, the government have said, we want total clarity on this, so have appointed an independent advisor to look into it. This is good right?

No, because you want to know who has the final verdict on whether Boris Johnson did something bad. Boris flipping Johnson. Infact he can even call a halt on the whole investigation, if he deems nothing happened.

You could not make this shit up.

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6 Responses to How does that work then?

  1. Carol anne says:

    Nope! Ya cant make it up! Awful! 🙂

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  2. *face palm* It’s absolutely ridiculous isn’t it. 😖

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  3. says:

    Question: do politicians (no matter where) have to pass Skulduggery 101before they can run for office? And they do this shit so blatantly.

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