It has been tough

When Monkey went back to school, I started trying to get fit, its not much but it was more exercise than I was getting and mainly involved a few sit ups and some stretches. I was also doing the walk to and from his school, so about 4 miles a day.

Plus one massive pokemon hunt on the weekend, this week I have not been well, but apart from Monday, I have managed to keep up with my sit ups, Monkey is still going to school, but God, I hurt and I have no idea, whether this is a good sign, that things are working or from this head cold or my body just going, you are having a laugh, you are getting too old to do this shit, should have started 20 years ago.

But I am still going.

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10 Responses to It has been tough

  1. Carol anne says:

    I hear ya! I am feeling old too! And unable to work out! Even though I do try!

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