Exercise Day 62

plank sides raises. This is where you are in the position of a press up, and then bringing your legs towards your head, 30 times did 3 reps

Russian twist. This is where you are sitting on your bum, legs in the air and twisting from side to side with a ball. 30 times started on the second rep did 3 reps

Leg Lowers. This is where you lie on your back legs in the air lower them, bring them towards your chest and then put them back in the air. 20 times 3 reps

Side Plank. This is where you are on the floor facing towards the side, kinda leaning on one arm and you have to hold that for 30-90 seconds. Did this for 30 seconds 3 reps

40 sit ups

90 jumping jacks

20 minutes walking the dog

I know I haven’t done a weekly weigh in, and that is for the simple reason my weight it going up and down like a mad thing, when I started I weighed myself but I promised myself that I would not become a slave to the scales but I weighed myself Sunday to see if anything had happened and I had gained 4 pounds. 4 flipping pounds. So I checked myself again yesterday and I had lost 4 pounds and was back to normal, so now I don’t know if I imagined the four pounds, the scales are broken or what, but I am now refusing to do a weekly weigh in till next week

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