I had a visitor

As I was about to sit down and start sorting out more lego, there was a knock at the door. When this usually happens, I tend not to answer it and hide. Monkey has different ideas and opens the damn door.

A gentleman was standing at the door, looking all official, he came from social services to see what support I needed. What I need is a new brain transplant, but I am not sure he could do that.

He needed my permission to talk to my doctor and the school, I am really not like the sounds of all this, I get that these people are just concerned and are trying to help but I don’t want strange people going through my life.

To be fair if they want to know how I am doing, they could just read this blog.

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17 Responses to I had a visitor

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    ug! I hope they will be supportive, now that they asked you what you need? xo

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  2. ashleyleia says:

    I hope it all turns out ok. I’m also a hider when someone knocks on the door….

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  3. Colette B says:

    Ok. Well, first, try not be frightened or worried. I read your blog and feel you’re very sensible and manage your struggles quite well and when you’re aware you might need support you both do the sensible thing and seek support appropriately (like talking to your doctor). Your boy’s not little and children’s autonomy and knowing how to answer the door appropriately if needed shouldn’t be seen to be a problem, knowing only what you’ve written here. Most social services departments work in conjunction with organisations like NCH (and by calling themselves ‘National Children’s Homes’, they mean ‘children’s homes with their families’ and are very much about enabling support to ensure that. And so social services staff are often involved in the quality training and development experiences NCH provide to them nationally, regionally and locally in some areas. if you have problems with your local experiences with statutory services I might suggest contacting NCH (must still be way on their website & definitely by phone). I’m sure they’re still around, they must be. And there will be other voluntary services that are probably very good too, but you might not need 9or want) some sorts of things that might be available and suggested. Maybe there’s someone who knows you well enough to accompany you and help you negotiate or ensure your access to support, although in a way that’s what the social worker can do for you too. Sometimes they don’t quite understand but they usually do their best otherwise they wouldn’t be doing the job hey. I had a support worker from NCH during very difficult times while my son’s illness was disbelieved by LEA and going through an awful time but it was so very helpful and improved our lives no end. I became a volunteer with them for a couple of hours a week for three or four years in my own community helping to support other families.Many years ago now of course. So anyway hopefully, this happening won’t have shocked you too much following your recent appointments (I did read about that here, but not capable of reaching out to support you at that time, I might have hit the lazy like, wondering, well i don’t like that you’re having so many problems like your DLA to PIP conversion shit that’s happening to so many and creating that big backlog so deprivation can be inflicted while government departments are having to cook their books this way round this time and can’t tackle the tax evasions of richer people instead for whatever stupid blooming reasons! Anyway, as before, feel free to delete if you want to.

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    • It is very frustrating with things like PIP, but I know that most services jobs are to keep the family together, hopefully they will start talking to me about things, at the moment its just a drip feed

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      • Colette B says:

        not knowing if that’s reflective satire that you’re having to deal with people who obviously don’t have much clue how to understand situation I almost typed ‘lol’ first! L8rs then, gotta go now – but i’m on and offline in bursts for next couple of hours or so, yell if u need chatback & i’ll be back, but guess ur now busy too, teatime etc 🙂 b4n

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      • Monkey is at an afterschool club today, I have an extra half an hour, its lovely 🙂

        I think I have gotten use to it, the last time I was referred to the mental health team, I had to explain what was going on to about 6 different shrinks, because they didn’t pass the notes on

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      • Colette B says:

        That’s where family support workers can sometimes help most, one to one chats & help representing & doing the bureaucracy/admin side… hope you have a positive experience this time round.

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      • Hopefully, we shall see, fingers crossed. I know I have been very lucky with the support I have received so far

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  4. Colette B says:

    By the way, I don’t answer the door if I don’t want to or whenever I’m unable. That’s a normal thing that everyone does some of the time. personally, I’ve adopted the approach of not ‘hiding’ so much from door knockers (unless I think it’s debt collectors and maybe even then not) but shouting down stairs ‘i’m busy i can’t get to the door right now’ or anything that flies out of my mouth similarly, just in case it’s anyway knocking to see if I’m ok, just so the feds int busting me door in with reported concerns and because ill people appearing to not even be living there rumours with council reward schemes encouraging people to rat (and nice people with jobs helping weed farmers and i.d.scammers who might report ‘ghost house’ to try get me evicted cos they want the flippin’ house!)

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