I am getting really pissed off now.

Those that have followed me for a while, will know that I can put a positive spin on almost anything and I have done for the majority of shit we go through.

Being evicted- a massive adventure as we won’t know where we will end up

Suicidal – at least I am aware and can talk my way through it, friends step up and are there for me.

Benefits being stopped – I love a good fight, bring it on.

You get the idea, I can find a silver lining in a shit storm. Sorry not a pleasant image.

But this time, the DWP have taken away my sunny, albiet sarcastic disposition. It has been 3 weeks to the day, since I won my tribunal. 3 fucking weeks, I have been waiting, everything is on hold. You know why? Because they haven’t informed fucking any of the other benefits that I won. This means I have to wait. What really pissed me off, is they won’t accept the paper I got from the tribunal to say they are reinstating PIP because the DWP can still appeal it. They have 8 days.

I am going to shit all over them once a day for those 8 days and I am going to rant here. Why? Well 1 because I can 2 because there is no point ringing them, because they repeat in a very robotic way, well you have to wait till the 12th.

I have no idea if they are going to appeal it, its unlikely, but if they do I think it may actually break me.

So instead I am going to rant, till I get my sense of humour back it all, which is going to be when I either get a letter from them or the money hits my account.


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29 Responses to I am getting really pissed off now.

  1. Carol Anne says:

    fucking dicks! Sorry but they’re ridiculous and its not fair on you! Rant away hun we’re here and we’re listening! ❤

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  2. We all need to rant sometimes… You let er’ rip!!! You have every reason under the sun to be thoroughly pissed off. We’re here for you!!!

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    How utterly frustrating. These “helping” systems are so messed up and so counterproductive and so infuriating. I am so sorry.

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  4. Bee Halton says:

    You have all right to rant! 🙋❤🐝

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  5. Laureen says:

    In difficult situations, I watch lectures by Tony Robbins. What do you think?

    All the best to you


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  6. Suze says:

    keep up the rant. It empties out the bowels of all that flatulence and directs it towards the idgets who are ticking you off. lol

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  7. fakeflamenco says:

    Someday you might write a book about this and blow it all out of the water! Put them on pause, do whatever you can to ignore the jerks and do something nice for yourself. xo R

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  8. Cyranny says:

    This is ridiculous… I mean, how much more toe sucking will it take to get your dang money?? I don’t know if Astérix is a popular cartoon in English speaking countries, but if so, you might know “The Twelve Tasks of Astérix”. Your troubles with bureaucracy are very much like “The place that sends you mad”…

    I am afraid you’ll have to drive them mad to win! Just let me know if you need help doing so 😛 *hugs*


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