Weekend catch up

It was a good weekend, we chilled, its the first time in ages when my Partner had two days off together, (its a bank holiday today)

I think I am getting to grips with the block editor, although its very annoying that Press This is not transferring the links across.

We went into town on saturday, shit it was so busy we had to come home as my anxiety kicked in. I don’t think 2 metres in far enough away from me.

Sunday was just another chill day, I am nearly there with finishing my links page. I have actually learnt alot doing it.

Monday, I had a massive lie in, while my partner took Monkey out for lunch.

Tomorrow we have so much to do but very little motivation to do it. See how I feel because I am not sure whether we just want a quiet day with Monkey going back to school on Wednesday or because we have such a quiet weekend whether to start building up the energy

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3 Responses to Weekend catch up

  1. Carol anne says:

    A lie in sounds great! Hopefully your Tuesday started off well and is going along ok!

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