Just got to get through this

My partner got news earlier this week that his job is at risk, it was a lovely way to put, we can’t really afford to hire you anymore.

As is my normal way, I dealt with everything I needed to, either informed the benefit people via the internet or the phone, checked our budget (we are screwed)

This has annoyed me on two main fronts, one we had just started sorting everything out, from making sure bills were paid on time because we had the money to saving a bit of money towards Christmas, to paying off debts. The second front was on the same day, I got a letter from the benefits office, telling me my PIP was running out and do I want to continue the claim.

For those who are unaware of PIP, its a disability benefits and it took me over 2 years to fight the fuckers to get it.

After I did all this, I have crashed and quite frankly have ended up in a worst depressive state than I have been in a while. Its bad timing for the both to happen at the same time, I would love to say I am confident that my partner can get another job quickly, but with the amount of people unemployed at the moment, people panicking as it gets closer to Christmas, willing to go for just about anything.

I know we survived lockdown, but we used all our surplus to deal with that and they have chosen the wrong time of the month to announce this to him. Especially with not knowing if they are going to pay him at the end of the month.

I am going off for a bit of a break for now. I use to be able to find the silver lining, but fuck everything.

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15 Responses to Just got to get through this

  1. OMG Trina PIP again? How can it be? And on top of it your partner’s job is at risk. That’s really too much stress. Sending good thoughts your way…

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  2. Hugs sending positive vibes

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  3. Sending you love, light and positive vibes! 💜

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Shit! This is fuckery! I am so sorry trina! xoxo

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