I dont like things changing

I wrote this post on Monday morning, the problem was, that the world was throwing up a wall round us, as I kept watching the news, I suddenly realised that there was a possibilty we might not be able to get what we needed for Christmas dinner

So we switched it and I ended up going to the shops on Monday, it was fairly horrible, there were lots of people but I did manage to get everything although in my panic I did pick up a yule log for 10 people, so Monkey is looking forward to eating the whole of it.

The problem is I chose Tuesday because there is fuck all on TV today, no Christmas specials nothing. Yeah we could watch Netflix and such like, but I am really not in the mood.

Instead I am going to spend the day trying to set up as many posts as I can to get myself ready for Christmas and doing lego. I am also aiming for a lovely very hot bath with the door locked. My partner can manage the house for a little while

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2 Responses to I dont like things changing

  1. Carol anne says:

    Awesoome! A nice bath! I love it! Remind me when your birthday is so I can send you something for the bath! Lol!

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