A Normal Weekend

It was a strange weekend for us, it was normal. I imagine what we did normal families do. Saturday was a bit of a bum round the flat day, till the afternoon when my partner took Monkey for a walk up to town to get a few bits and I just chilled a bit more, did a bit of cleaning, we sat and watched telly as a family in the evening.

Now we come to Sunday, which is where it got really weird for me, we went out for a walk, myself and Monkey went pokemon hunting, we walked for 2km. I know this because the pokemon app told me.

Came home, played a board game and then chilled out for the evening, it was just normal, I think because I didn’t have an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I was irritable and had to try and keep that down, but I didn’t have a panic attack, I was alright going out, exhausted once we got back in, but we had fun, Monkey was covered in mud from head to toe, so I assume he was happy.

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6 Responses to A Normal Weekend

  1. Go Girl Go!!!! So super proud of you for taking the steps. How many Pokemon did you get? Hugs and how cold is it now?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    yay! so glad you had fun! xoxo

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