A look back at memories

I think I have discovered why my body hurts for no reason, 3 years ago today, myself and my partner moved us into our flat. This was the second time in 6 weeks we had moved, while I am grateful to the council and our housing association for how quickly it happened, it was exhuasting, but the place they originally put us, was a one bed flat, the kitchen and the lounge were in one and it was just really cramped, so when we got this place, we snapped it up, knowing that we were going to hurt.

Especially because the first place was on the first floor, if I remember correctly it had 14 steps, this place is on the second floor and has 27 steps up. We couldn’t afford help, so we hired a van and did it ourselves,

It was a tough day, physically, but because everything was still packed up, that bit was fairly easy. It was just lugging everything out and down and then in and up.

We only had the van for 24 hours, so we were prepared to work right through, Monkey was at school, so we had the roughly 6 hours, to get most of the big stuff done and then he could help with all the small stuff once he had finished. I think at one point, we had to stop off and get him a new bed off a free site, because his had broken in the first move.

It has all worked out in the end, we had 1 year in it before, we learnt exactly how cramped it is when all 3 of us are here all the time (covid hit) but otherwise it has been good and we are settled, I would still love a private garden and no neighbours, but that is something I can work towards.

In the meantime, because of the ups and downs with covid, new furniture and decorating has been put on hold, but hopfully now we are back on our feet, come the new year, I can start cracking on again.

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2 Responses to A look back at memories

  1. Carol anne says:

    awesome! I’m glad you feel settled there. Thats great. Xx

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