Going to the shops

I went to the shop today by myself, well I say the shops, all I was looking to do was to take out £10 from a cash machine. Here is what happened.

Me: So much to do so little time

Brain: Why do you have to do this, its the pre schools fault you  have to do this, they told you to go and sell the raffle tickets its not our fault you forgot/couldn’t be arsed

Me: I wonder if the cash machine at the shops is still not working, nop not working. Do I pop into the shops and get something and get cashback. No I dont need anything

Brain: Its miles to the nearest cashpoint go and buy something

Me: No I am on a budget, we just need to walk. It will do us good

Brain: Ahh this Barclay’s cash point is out of order, now you are going to have to walk further

Brain: Natwest cash machine is out as well, you should of gone to the shops

Me: I didn’t need anything

Brain: Oh for Christ sake there is a queue for the halifax one. Well you idiot you have walked this far, may as well walk a bit further.

Me: see that wasn’t that hard and now to walk home lots to do

*walk past the shop*

Brain: Did I mention you needed bread

I am blaming this on one of my mental health problems rather than the fact I am an idiot and forgot

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11 Responses to Going to the shops

  1. I must admit I have done this more than once

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  2. noimnotok says:

    If only our brains were on our side, think of what we could achieve.

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