Ats and crafts

With my son on half term, he has homework. I haven’t do homework since I left school and since monkey is only 4 this is really his first set of holiday homework.

I read the homework and felt my heart sink, it involved making things for a fairy tale.

I am not crafty, my cakes burn, the bottle rocket, never looks like a rocket. I tried the thing with the food colouring and made a pigs ear of that. So I was not a happy bunny.

In these cases I am lucky I have my sister, who is fantastic with this sort of thing, so I put a very unsubtle message on facebook begging for help.

My first reply though wasn’t from her but a close friend, who I had forgotten does this sort of thing for a living. She was straight round to help. I say help I mean do it for us. She got my son involved and they made Jack and the Beanstalk


You have jack and his basket of beans, the mother, a house and the giant in his garden, which yes does have crabs in it.

Unfortunatly monkey has been fighting a cold since Monday and it has gotten much worse today, so I think today is going to be curled up on the sofa, or as he put it a looking after monkey day.

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