That was a tough weekend.

I wrote a post on Friday, which said my anxiety had shot up, I really struggled with it throughout the weekend.

It hit so fast and hard, my depression came back as well and I really struggled throughout Sunday.

This was not helped, by the fact monkey was due to go back to school today and when I checked the calender realised it was a teacher training day, so I had him another day. Normally would love that, but not when I was feeling so bad.

We have taken it slowly today. I didn’t fall asleep till gone 4am so have really tried to stay awake so hopefully will get a good nights sleep tonight, but knowing my brain it is going to joult into awakeness in the next half an hour.

The only good thing, was that because I was up for so long this morning, I managed to catch up on some of my jobs, which were driving my OCD nuts, in turn making my anxiety worse and making my depression much worse.

I still have a few bits to catch up on, hopefully, I will be able to get everything done by the time to go pick monkey up, I owe him a massive amount of time from this weekend.


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6 Responses to That was a tough weekend.

  1. Barb says:


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  3. Carol Anne says:

    I hear ya. I hate tough times. xox

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