Keep Breathing

In a few hours at 9.15 I have my PIP assessment, I am not looking forward to it, I hate talking on the phone at the best of times but to try and justify why I think the government should still be giving me money is tough, I am sure there are people more deserving than me, but the problem is, when you have a panic attack just leaving your house to put the bins out, it does tend to make it a tad difficult to get a job.

Even if I could get a work from home job, that is probably going to involve using the phone on days that are not Friday.

I know I need to get back to the doctors and get referred again to some sort of programme, whether that is a talking programme or something else, but at the moment its tough to try and have an undisturbed conversation with my own mother let alone a serious one with a doctor, so I am going to keep holding on and hope they open schools in March.

Wish me luck for later.

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9 Responses to Keep Breathing

  1. Good luck Trina 😷

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  2. says:

    You can do this Trina. Sending lots of thoughts and support in spirit. If not, my cousin Vinny is right down the road in Italy…just a phone call and violin case away. 😁

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  4. Rich Mom says:

    Good luck Trina

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  5. Carol anne says:

    I hope it all went well trina! xo

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