Its a struggle today

I wish I knew what set my anxiety off in the mornings. I woke up in a really anxious state this morning and nothing I do seems to make it go away.

I am wondering if it is because I have to pick up monkey today, that is always a big one, but I thought I was working past that.

I am really hating it and its bringing my mood right down. I find it hard to concentrate on anything when it happens.


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21 Responses to Its a struggle today

  1. Bee Halton says:

    My experience is that there isn’t always an obvious reason. I try not to ask “why” and rather ask “what do I need now to be able to live my life”. Sometimes it’s medication, sometimes a cup if tea, sometimes a hug. I know your frustration so well and always hope it goes away forever….

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    I am sorry, I hope your day improves and the anxiety goes away! (((HUGS)))

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  3. Ashleyhouck says:

    I’m so sorry to hear your day didn’t start off great. I don’t have anxiety so I have no idea what you go through, but I do have depression and have my down days as well. I hope your day improves. Happy Wednesday. On the bright side, it’s hump day so the week is half over.

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  4. fakeflamenco says:

    Thinking of you. Hope tomorrow is better.

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  5. Carol Anne says:

    anxiety is awful! so so debilitating!

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