Sometimes the universe is conspiring against you

At least that is what I think its happening. My sleep has been all over the place, just as I think it seems to be ok, it goes wonky again.

This weekend, I don’t think I managed to get any sleep at night at all. Then on Sunday night, I was so tired, I was falling asleep before midnight, in the process of moving from the lounge to the bedroom, I managed to wake myself up.

Didn’t fall asleep till gone 2am. Which is fine, that meant a good 5 hours sleep, if I managed to sleep through. 4.30am a cat landed on me, which woke me up completely and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started feeling tired at around 7.30am, do you want to guess what time Monkey has to get up for school?

This meant that when I got back, I had to decide what to do so because I wasn’t that tired I did the housework and caught up with some bits, around 2pm a wave of tiredness hits me, I have to leave to get Monkey at 2,45

I had hopes that I could fight through it till round about 9pm and then go straight to bed. I remember nothing from 5pm till gone 9.30pm completely sparked out on the sofa and now sitting here wide awake, hoping the next spell is going to hit me before 7am.

Plus side my partner is going to be doing the school run tomorrow, so I don’t have to be up, so I might get more sleep it just might be more during the day again.

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8 Responses to Sometimes the universe is conspiring against you

  1. We aren’t sleeping at all either…..

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  2. Carol anne says:

    its a nightmare isn’t it? I a m the same. Sleep when I can now. Its totally awful. I am up now have been awake since 1:30 after going to bed at 9:30. xo

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    Yes, my sleep patterns are all messed up. I stay up until 3:00 and sleep until 11:00. Fortunately, I don’t have any children to deal with. Still, there are days when you need to be awake. I’ve started taking a muscle relaxer at bedtime. Not a good thing to do on a regular basis, but I’m hopeful that once I establish a habit, I won’t need medication.

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