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I have been through the fires of hell and survived

Ok, maybe a tad over dramatic, but that cold was bad. I am still sniffling, but I no longer feel sick when I move or dizzy when I stand up. Monkey did end up catching it, but not as bad … Continue reading

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It may be a bit quiet round here

My loving, ever suffering partner, has given me a cold, its a bad one and I am struggling, with just about everything. I love my partner, but the only thing keeping me going at the moment is plotting my revenge. … Continue reading

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That is my day buggered then

Poor Monkey has come down with a bad cold, I do think he could of done school, but as we would have had to walk it, nearly an hour and a half, both ways, I made the decision not to … Continue reading

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Health Links Part 3

Its a new week and I present these guys to you, they all talk about health, whether its health issues, how to get healthy, how they live there lives living healthy. I am sure you will get some tips, please … Continue reading

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Its worth a try

I mentioned that recently, I haven’t been feeling well, at first I thought it was a bug, then maybe the new tablets. I have an app with the doctor and want to be able to say well I don’t think … Continue reading

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I was worried yesterday that I had given this cold to my son, yeah I am a whinging cow when it comes to me being ill, however I know whats going on and get its only for a few days, … Continue reading

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If you are still interested

I am still ill, and then I went and gave it to my son. Hopefully its not as bad as my one, but we will see. If anyone wants to come look after me, because my mum refuses to and … Continue reading

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