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On Friday,  I came down with some bug, its amusing to me, as I barely go out so god knows where I picked it up from, but basically I did the bare minimum needed to get both myself and Monkey … Continue reading

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Well this is amusing

Sometime between me going to the shops and me going out with my mum. I have managed to pick up a cold (yes just a cold not the dreaded COVID) Although my partner could have bought it home, I am … Continue reading

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Weird Weekend

I am not sure what happened this weekend, I was so sleepy, not tired just really sleepy. It started on Friday and carried on till Sunday. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I suppose it could have been a bug, … Continue reading

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I cracked…

I promise I did try and stay awake, but eventually my body gave in and I fell asleep, only for an hour and a half, which is enough to get me through the rest of the afternoon and has given … Continue reading

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*Reblog* My Husband Needs A Kidney

Originally posted on Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table:
My husband, Neil is in need of a live kidney donor. We have been advised by his doctor that a living donor is the best option for Neil. The success…

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Mind is fine but the body is flagging

Over the last few days my partner hasn’t been feeling well, we put it down to a bit too much celebration, but then last night (this would be our alone time without a child night) I started to feel really … Continue reading

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That feels better

Since having this damn cold, I have had no appetite at all and struggled to eat at least once a day. However this morning I woke up starving and just had the biggest bowl of pasta I think in the … Continue reading

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Finally feeling a wee bit better

I have been quiet, while trying to get rid of this cold. On Wednesday, I felt so sick and nauseous, as soon as I dropped Monkey off, straight back to bed and I slept right through, woke up to pick … Continue reading

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Oh Bugger

Monkey woke up this morning and was complaining about being tired and his throat hurting. I had a day planned of sorting out paperwork, especially the paperwork for his new school and getting it all scanned and sent over. But, … Continue reading

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Ok maybe its not mental

I have come down with a cold. A cold I can deal with, its the cough that is driving me nuts, I lie down I start coughing, I sit up I start coughing and once I start I can’t stop. … Continue reading

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