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It comes in 3’s

So first my laptop broke and now my washing machine has given up the ghost, at least I assume that is what the burning smell is telling me. Its not worth fixing, and like most things in my life for … Continue reading

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Bugger, Bollocks and fuck it

Sorry to all those waiting on the weekend share, my laptop stopped working and so far I can’t find anyone to fix it, so yesterday was spent on trying to find anyone who might be able to help me before … Continue reading

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ah bollocks, bollocks off

My laptop is no longer charging. Well it is, but you have to fiddle with the cable, twist it round and then nothing can move. I don’t know whether its worth trying to buy a new cable or whether its … Continue reading

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Is this not the most beautiful sight

I mentioned that my laptop had broken and how very sad I was, but check this   They fixed it, well apart from shockwave which keeps crashing still

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I miss my laptop, I am using one that is about five to seven years old and its painful. I forget how far we have come, plus side the backspace button works

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What is this? Another milestone

My laptop, is my baby, if there was a fire in my house and it was a choice between my partner and my laptop, lets hope he can get out himself. But the fan went and with the fan went … Continue reading

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